February Activities in CBAS

It’s been a fun and busy month in our Orange CBAS program! While our participants engage in numerous activities every day, this month they’ve also enjoyed Spirit Week and Valentines Day parties! During Spirit Week, each day represented a different theme, with corresponding activities, art projects, cooking demonstrations, and more. The staff and participants also loved dressing up in themed attire! During the Valentines Day parties, our Young Adults enjoyed Karaoke and live dance performances, while our Seniors enjoyed playing different instruments and dancing, among other activities.
In addition to all the activities, we’re very excited to announce the opening of our new CBAS sensory-based program room, located at our Orange campus! Interested in a tour? Please contact Robert at 714-633-7400, ext. 230. 



Snowman Tree!

It’s starting to look like the Holidays here at RIO! Our adorable snowman tree is now up in the lobby at our Orange campus, and will soon be filled with ornaments handmade by our program participants! Stay tuned for more pictures! 

Child Development Program Reunion!

The Director of the Child Development Program (CDP) at our Orange campus invited children who’ve graduated from our CDP program within the last couple years and their families for a lunch time reunion! What a wonderful event! 

Thank you for your Support!

Thank you so much to everyone who donated during “Empowering Possibilities” Giving Day! Together we raised $7,934.80 for RIO! We couldn’t have done it without you! Your generous support is very much appreciated! 
Between RIO and the other eight organizations who participated this year:

Pink Final Results


Thank you again for your generous support! 

70’s Day!

Today was 70’s day in our CBAS program! Everyone looked fantastic!