Community-Based Adult Services – San Clemente

This program is also available at our Orange and Fullerton facilities
Program Description:
The Community-Based Adult Services program in San Clemente is committed to serving persons 18 years and older who are physically, developmentally or cognitively impaired. Our goal is for each client to achieve an optimal level of functioning. RIO provides a multi-faceted program which greatly reduces the risk of being placed in a nursing home.
There are two models of Adult Services. The “Social Model” provides core services such as care and supervision; there is the “Medical Model” which provides core and health services. RIO provides services such as physical, speech and occupational therapies as well as medical monitoring by full-time RN and LVN. Other services include pharmaceutical and nutritional assessments, psychological counseling, restorative and maintenance therapies and an individualized treatment plan for each person. RIO also provides social work services to support clients and their families.

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RIO believes environmental stimulation is the key to preserving and sometimes improving abilities. Our CBAS program includes a wide range of fun activities for the clients’ enjoyment such as: balloon volleyball, Bingo, horse-races and pet therapies. We also have cognitive stimulation games such as: RIO Spelling Bees, “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?”, 20 Questions, Concentration and Crosswords. Even though RIO is a “Medical Model,” we also have live bands, karaoke, pianists, harpists, even “Elvis Impersonators”making our program the Best of Two Worlds!
RIO is always striving to better meet the needs of our rapidly-growing and diverse client population. We have increased our Young Adult Program, have provided tailor-made programs for our Spanish-speaking clients and have increased our services geared to help people affected by dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
Contact Information:
Facility Director: Alicia Fiore
Phone: (949) 498-7671