Supported Employment

The Supported Employment program at RIO assists individuals in the development, placement and maintenance of successful and competitive employment within the consumer’s community. Job placement is designed in either an individual or group placement (4 consumers) depending on the consumer and employer needs.
Once a consumer is authorized to seek community-based employment, RIO begins Case Management services to include job development, assistance with the application and interview process, advocacy and mobility training once the consumer has been hired. Initially, job coaching services will be provided based on the consumer’s weekly work schedule and will gradually decrease as the consumer becomes accustomed to his/her work tasks. Ongoing job coaching services may be provided to facilitate continued success at the consumer’s place of employment and may increase or decrease as the need for job coaching services is assessed.


Any individual who:
  1. Meets the admission criteria for Vocational Services
  2. Has expressed an interest in employment
  3. Exhibits appropriate work behaviors
  4. Is, or can be trained to travel to and from work independently, will be considered for off-site supported employment
Additionally, any individual who is currently employed but who requires support in order to maintain his/her job and who meets the admission criteria will also be accepted.
  1. Must have potential for competitive or supported employment
  2. Must desire rehabilitative services with a goal of employment
  3. Have medical authorization, if necessary, to indicate that the individual is medically stable and able to participate in a vocational rehabilitation program
  4. Must be able to accommodate his/her own basic self-help needs including: feeding, wheelchair transfer, bowel/bladder control, and mobility
  5. Must have transportation to and from the job site arranged by the client in conjunction with his/her family and referring counselor
  6. Have a primary case manager from Department of Rehabilitation, Regional Center of Orange County, or private rehabilitation counselor. A non-sponsored client may be accepted dependent upon need and space.


  1. Work schedules vary according to the employer’s needs
  2. Work during the day and/or evening hours
  3. Work on weekends and/or holidays may be required in some positions
  4. Work up to 40 hours per week
  5. Full-time and part-time positions
The Supported Employment program is funded by the Department of Rehabilitation and Regional Center of Orange County. Private individuals may pay a fee for services.
For complaints go to the Department of Developmental Service website at or call (916) 654-1987
For additional information or to refer an individual please contact RIO at (714) 633-7400 and ask for Vocational Services