Child Development Program – Fullerton

This program is also available at our Orange facility
Program Description:
The Child Development Programs are Early Intervention Programs serving children with special needs or who are at risk for delays, 0-3 years old. Our programs offer a global approach to building skills in all areas of development. A multidisciplinary team of professionals work with the children and families to build skills in socialization, fine and gross motor skills, speech and language, cognition, sensory organization, and self help skills. Each child is evaluated upon entering the program in order to determine their skill level and establish objectives to meet over a 6-month period of time. Early evening Parent Education Meetings and Support Groups are offered regularly. 
Our program is a 2 1/2 hour class that offers the children the opportunity to socialize and interact with children their own age. This promotes learning through observing, modeling, and imitating. Monitoring from Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapists are provided on a weekly basis. Families have the option to participate in the program giving them the change to meet other families, learn techniques to use at home and keep in close communication with staff. 
Program Services Offered:
  • Individualized Program Plans
  • Developmental Evaluations
  • Developmentally appropriate activities in all areas of development
  • Working relationships with professionals in the field of Child Development
  • Socialization
  • Intergenerational opportunities
  • Intergenerational component
  • Parent Education
  • Ratios of 1:3
Eligibility Criteria:
Children who are…
  • Experiencing a delay in one or more areas of development or at risk of delay or diagnosed with an established disability
  • Between the ages of 12 – 36 months
  • Ready to socialize with other children
  • Appropriate for a 3:1 ratio
  • Medically stable to participate with other children
Enrollment Process:
In order to enroll, you will need to:
  • Call to arrange an appointment with the director of the program
  • Tour the program site
  • Complete an enrollment packet which includes: Admission Forms, Parent’s Rights, Sickness Policy, Needs and Service Plan, Physician’s Report, and Birth History
Funding Information:
Contact Information:
Facility Director: Sofia Martinez 
Phone: (714) 680-6060