Year-round exercise classes for adults with disabilities, 18 years and older. Pool is indoors and heated between 90° – 92° for therapeutic purposes.

Program Description:

As of February 1, 2019, our therapeutic pool will be refocusing to serve individuals, children and adults who have disabilities. In embracing our core mission, we will be expanding services to our in-house program participants, while sunsetting some current classes available to the entire community.
Logistically, we will be retaining 4 hours a day for community use: 1 hour of independent swim, the Arthritis Class, the Persistence Class and 1 hour of guided lap swim for people with special needs.
While we fully know that this will mean referring some community members to other community pool resources, we are pleased to be able to accommodate the growing demand to serve more children and adults with special needs and disabilities.

Current Class Schedule:


New Class Schedule (effective February 1, 2019):



  • Registration Fee: $25.00 per person
  • Class Fee: $60.00 per month (1 class per day)

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must be independent in dressing, entry and exit of the pool, able to stand alone in the pool or bring an attendant/caregiver to assist.
  • Participants must be continent and able to tolerate exercise in 90­° – 92° water. 
  • A Physician’s Pool Release, provided by RIO, completed and signed by your doctor is required. Upon receipt, our Intake Team will weigh the medical information contained in the release against existing precautions. A review of your abilities/limitations by a licensed health professional(s) will determine which class best meets your needs.

Contact Information:

Program Director: Samantha Harvey
Phone: (714) 633-7400, ext. 241