Providing a variety of health, wellness, and educational services for all ages. 

Child Development Program

Center based early intervention services, in a group-setting, for children ages 12 – 36 months who are at risk or show evidence of developmental delays. 
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Adaptive Swim Lessons

Year-round private adaptive swim lessons for people of all ages, starting at 6 months, with special needs and disabilities.
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Aquatic Exercise Classes

Year-round exercise classes for adults with disabilities, 18 years and older. Pool is indoors and heated between 90° – 92° for therapeutic purposes.
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Therapy Services

Year-round Physical, Aquatic Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy services for children and adults with intellectual, developmental and cognitive challenges.
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Community-Based Adult Services

Provides health, therapeutic, and social services for adults and seniors who have had traumatic brain injury, or an intellectual, neurological, or physical disability.
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Enrichment Services

Offering transitional day programs, employment services, and independent living skills for adults with intellectual disabilities, ages 18 and older. 
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