Meet Diana and Robert…

Diana and Robert
Meet Diana and Robert, a couple who joined RIO’s Independent Living Skills (ILS) program 22 years ago!
Diana and Robert met in 1983 at Canyon Hills School where he worked as a teacher’s assistant, and she volunteered. They married in 1989.
In 1995, they both joined RIO’s Independent Living Skills program in order to improve their daily life skills and maintain an independent lifestyle. Robert enjoys learning how to cook and the friendships he’s developed with other people in the program. Diana likes the staff because “they help me learn how to do things – it makes me feel wonderful and special.”
When asked what they like most about RIO and the ILS program, Diana said “we are blessed to work with wonderful staff! RIO is a groovy place!” Robert loves “going on outings and seeing things in the community.” Attending Angel’s games is their favorite outing!
Robert currently works a few days a week at Orange Thrift Store where he helps with the displays. He retired from Canyon Hills School a few years ago after 42 years. Diana works here at RIO in the Child Development Program, where she’s been working for 24 years.
According to Diana, “we have come a long ways with our independence, and our moms are proud too!”
Diana and Robert are celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary, and have shared their secret to a successful marriage:
  • “Date for a long time first”
  • “Understand, trust, and be open and talk it out – don’t walk away”
  • “We respect each other”
  • “We love having God in our lives”
  • “We talk things out”
  • “We care about each other a lot”
  • “We love having God in our lives”