Meet Spring :)

Haruko loves the water. She drives to RIO three times a week to participate in the half-hour “Water Aerobics” class. She’s also 99 years old!
Born in January of 1916 in Gardena, CA, Haruko (which means “Spring” in Japanese) grew up on a farm with 7 siblings. At age 21, she married her husband and moved to Long Beach, where she lived for 52 years. She and her husband were married for almost 67 years, and had 3 children.
Today, Spring (her nickname here at RIO), has her 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and 16 great-grandchildren. Two of her siblings are still alive…a sister who’s 86 and a brother who’s 88. She lives with her oldest daughter and son-in-law in Tustin. She absolutely loves all sports, and bowled multiple times a week until she was 77. Her highest score was a 274!
Spring’s been attending RIO’s Aquatics classes for 12 years, and absolutely loves it here. She says everyone who attends and the instructors are wonderful, she’s made tons of friends, and loves how the water makes her feel. The combination of the exercises and the 92 degree water help remove any stiff or sore feelings in her muscles. When asked what the key to a long life is, she said “never stress or worry.”


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