Meet Evelyn…

In 1980, at the age of 23 and one month after graduating from modeling school, Evelyn’s life changed. She was working as a waitress at Bob’s Big Boy in West Los Angeles, when armed robbers entered the restaurant and fired at everyone there. Evelyn was shot in the head. She was one of the survivors.
Suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury, RIO’s Independent Living Skills program stepped in to help Evelyn re-learn daily life skills we often take for granted, such as cooking meals and doing laundry. Once she became more comfortable with these skills, she entered what is now the Community-Based Adult Services program at RIO in 1995.
As she improved over the years, RIO’s Supported Employment program helped her obtain jobs, while Independent Living Skills continued to help her improve various life skills. 
Today, Evelyn has a job on RIO’s janitorial crew, and lives on her own with a pet Chihuahua. She says she “loves her job, RIO, and everyone who’s helped her.”
Evelyn’s story is one of many heart-wrenching stories here at RIO, where the overall goal is to help improve the lives of people with special needs.
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