“Welcome to RIO’s World” Open House Event!



Take a tour around the world, as you visit and learn about RIO’s programs! At the beginning of the tour, a RIO guide will greet you with a Passport, then lead you to different stops throughout our facility. At each stop, our departments will be representing different countries with decorations and free food samples, while sharing information about their program(s).
Throughout the tour, you will have the opportunity to receive stamps in your Passport after listening to each programs’ mini presentation. By the end of the tour, if you’ve filled your Passport, you will be entered into a raffle for free prizes! Additional raffle tickets will be available for sale.
If you have any questions about the Open House, please contact Debbie Hicks at (714) 633-7400, ext. 269, or Katherine Meyer at ext. 277. Thank you!

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